Whether you want to have a company hall, distribution centre, free stall barn or poultry house built, when it comes to construction, you want the best solution in terms of quality and cost.

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Extremely efficient process

With a steel construction it comes down to precision. Thanks to years of experience, we have developed an extremely efficient process for producing fully customised steel structures. From work preparation, steel production, preservation to installation. This process is entirely under our own management, so that we can always offer you the most optimal customised solutions, from design to delivery.

Complete preparation

Our draughtsmen draw up the anchor plan on the basis of the architectural drawings and the choice of materials is then determined. During the design and development stage, we can immediately use our expertise in the details in concrete panels, roof cladding, wall cladding, doors and light – and ventilation systems. Any construction limitations will already be visible on the screen and we can adjust the details before the sample is taken into production.