We supply and assemble roof and façade cladding for both agricultural and non-residential construction. When choosing the type of roof and/or façade cladding in agricultural construction, daylight and efficient supply of fresh air are central. In the case of non-residential construction, it is particularly important that sufficient (day) light can enter with the least possible influence from outside on the temperature.

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Roof cladding

To choose the right roof cladding, it is important to make a proper assessment between the various aspects such as:

  • Light and ventilation systems, for an improved amount of light, efficient supply of fresh air and optimum climate control..
  • Insulation: for a consistent temperature, reduction of draft and prevention of unnecessary energy loss.
  • Water drainage: properly drain rainwater or waste water.

Wall cladding

Whether you want to build a contemporary façade or go for an authentic look, a lot is possible for the cladding of a wall with a steel construction. An insulated wall is also easily done.

We are happy to help you make the right choice from the many options available for your roof and facade cladding. Feel free to contact us for more information!